To have or not to have star wars books

I have started a collection of star wars books
I was online looking for a birthday present for a friend who shares my passion for Sci-fi and came across this collection of very cool star wars books for sale. I wanted to find that special present as it was his 40th and so went in search of a more bespoke present for him.
I stumbled upon the website when I was on Facebook and saw a post from Geek or Unique and my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link. I am really glad I did as they had loads of cool stuff that I haven’t seen before and when I saw the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars books I knew I had found the perfect gift for both of us.

Star Wars books for us both

I have to admit I could not resist getting one for myself as well as the present and am so glad I did. As well as being a great collectors piece it is a very funny book. Written in a Shakespearian way and full of beautiful Elizabethan imagery it is one of my favourite books ever. I cannot wait to see what my mate Kit thinks about it but I am pretty sure he will love it as much as me.
As well as the Shakespeare books they also had a book with all the star wars vehicles as blueprints and with cross section images which looked pretty cool too. That will have to be a few dropped hints for Christmas I think as everyone is always moaning about me being difficult to buy for, well not now!

Lots more besides star wars books

As well as some great books I also found quite a few other bits that I have my eye on. From signed prints to lots of weird and wonderful stuff, most of my favourite shows and films were covered. I could have spent a fortune on stuff but managed to refrain at least until pay day!
The countdown is now on for me and with the new trailer release for the next Star Wars film looking amazing the next few months of waiting are sure to be a drag. we are already planning a Star Wars night the day before the next chapter release to make sure we are bang up to date before we watch the new movie. I was only surprised the girlfriend wasn’t more excited. For some bizarre reason only known to her she does not share my excitement of the new release, in fact she was not at all bothered about the wait for the new chapter saying she would rather watch paint dry. I thought she might be “the one” but clearly this is a very dark mark against her name and she will have to try much harder in the future.
Now all we have to do is wait until Christmas and I can get my next fix of the force if the trailer is anything to go by this could be one of the best fils yet. The star wars books I got can be found at

New project for interest rate swap mis selling solicitor

project for solicitor specialising in swap mis selling

New identity for interest rate swap mis selling lawyer

I was recently approached by a friend who specialises in interest rate swap mis selling claims and he asked if I could help create a brand and some of the associated components he needed. This type of work is my bread and butter and I really enjoy brand creation.
When I start on a brand I like to hand draw some ideas out on paper to get a sense of what the final look will be when I am done. I find this saves a lot of work as I can go through with the clients my concepts and get a feel of whether I am on the right track or not.

Interest rate swap mis selling not the easiest topic

The first challenge with this project was to think of a concept that would be obvious to the end user but still quite corporate as many of the clients contacts will be solicitors. As they also deal with the general public I also felt it needed to be friendly and approachable too. I went about drawing out some of my concepts and had my friends approval on one that I really liked. Next up was digitising the logo so that we could create a brand pack for the business. We will generally design business cards, letterheads and stationery as well as branded mechanise we think the client may like and use going forward.
For this particular client I am using corporate folders, vehicle livery and USB sticks to showcase the brand on.

First phase of interest rate swap mis selling project is done

I have digitalised and created the brand pack now for the business and all the work is now signed off and ready to go to the printers. I am now in the process of creating some web visuals ready for the web developers to work their magic. I work with one particular developer on all projects and an expecting him to have this part done over the next couple of weeks and ready for a Feb launch.
It is always good to see the fruits of your labour hitting the streets and I am really proud of this one as is the company and my friend. It is always exciting to hear about a business plans and track them as they go through all the highs and lows and that is probably why much of my work is repeat business. This one project has already led to another one as one of the solicitors that my friend deals with my friend has enquired and booked a small job in with me .
Hopefully I will now get a few solicitors from this job for the interest rate swap miss selling specialist and long may that continue.

Free sports bet no deposit on premier league

my free sports bet no deposit deal

I used a free sports bet no deposit deal on the game tonight

After a terrible run I have still used my free sports bet no deposit deal on a Liverpool win tonight. I really fancy them to beat Swansea and given Sterling is back in the goals I think they will get back to their best tonight against the strong but inconsistent Welsh side.
Liverpool desperately need the win to keep in touch for the Champions League places but on 25 points against the 28 for Swansea in eigth place Brendon Rogers will be hoping for some Christmas cheer to ease the pressure on himself and his beleaguered team. Last year they were a revelation this year a hopeless side struggling without Sturridge (injured) and the sensational Suarez who left for Barcelona in the summer. With Luis they look an average side at best and bringing in the difficult Ballotelli was a kill or cure method of football management given his checkered past.

Liverpool for my free sports bet no deposit prediction

Although dreadful of late I think they have shown signs of a mini recovery and I think they will have too much for Swansea tonight. Many of the Liverpool players are used to lots of games over a short period and I think they will cope better than Swansea in this respect. With so much riding on this game nerves will I am sure play a part but with the kop behind them I think Liverpool will come out and try to show they are still a premier league force to be considered. Liverpool are without Dejan Lovren, Glen Johnson and Jon Flanagan through injury although Lovren has been terrible since his big money move from the saints and this could actually help a struggling Liverpool side. Borini is back for them after a suspension and it will be interesting to see if he continues to look lively for them now he is back.

Still time to get your free sports bet no deposit deal

With so many great games coming up the Christmas break it is definitely worth going online to find your free sports bet no deposit deals so you can have a punt on some of the outcomes. Tiredness and injuries are sure to play a part for all teams no matter where they are in the table and no one really knows how the silly season will turn out. Many of the top team drew yesterday and only Arsenal came out on top in their game so if Liverpool can gain ground this surely must be a huge incentive.
If you have been inspired to have a go do a quick Google search for free sports bet no deposit and claim yours.

Never though buying slate house signs was a weekend event

we ordered new slate signs for the house

We ordered slate house signs this weekend

Oh how the mighty have fallen, I used to be involved in many a weekend of debauchery but this weekend’s main event was to order slate house signs for our new pad. The last few weeks have been mad not only did we get married but we also moved so its been non stop. Most people ease into it all but not us we did everything at the same time although I doubt we would do the same again.
The wedding was fab having so many friends and family around and it being such a perfect day was a dream come true but as soon as the confetti had settled and we got back from our mini honeymoon it was time to move house.
The move was not as perfect in fact a total nightmare of a job. As well as the stress of boxing everything up and finding out that we had far more stuff than we could ever have imagined, dealing with the move and solicitors and everything was a stress I have never felt before. Lucky for me I don’t think we will moving again any time soon and so I will have time to recover and get ready before having to endure that again.
All in all it took three days to do the actual move and get organised but as soon as that was done my lovely wife started to notice “little jobs” that needed doing. When I say little jobs they span the full range of trades possible to do with a house and some are a real cause for concern.

Ordering slate house signs is the least of my worries

Ordering the slate house signs this weekend is the least of my worries now I have my small jobs to do list. Over the next I don’t know how many weekends I will become decorator, carpenter, electrician and plumber to fulfil my wife’s desires. I knew I might have to tackle a couple of jobs but her list gets longer everyday and so these next few weekend I am on strict orders to crack on and get the list done. Luckily for me next weekend is out for Christmas but that luck runs out from then as my proposed holiday for the break will be cut short due to the sheer volume on the now famous in my house, list.

New slate house signs are on the way

We are happy to have a new house to start the marriage and hopefully a family in. The outside is pretty good as the old occupiers were keen gardeners, and so the only thing that needed changing was a couple of very tired house signs that were making the front look a bit scruffy. We went online to look for some new slate house signs and eventually found a website that allowed you to custom design your own and so thats what we did this weekend, you can do you own at